Hospitality Student Exchange - June 2009

Four hospitality catering students and a technician from West Lothian made new friendships and gained valuable experience in Grapevine.

The students involved were:

  • Barry Henderson
  • Jill Philips
  • Jamie Campbell
  • Amanda Fergus

They were given placements in three leading hotels in the Gity of Grapevine:

  • The Grand Hyatt (DFW Airport)
  • The Gaylord Convention and Conference Centre
  • The Hilton (DFW Lakes)

A fundraising ceilidh and auction were organised to help with travel costs and a total of £3,900 was raised.

The placement was for 3 weeks in June 2009 and ended with the students preparing and presenting a dinner for 50 guests in the Hilton Hotel.


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