What its all about

The delegation arrives in Linlithgow

The West Lothian Grapevine Twinning Association was established in 2008 to foster friendship, hospitality and understanding between the inhabitants of West Lothian in Scotland and the City of Grapevine in Texas, USA.

Through communication and exchange visits, it aims to bring about a sharing between the two communities of knowledge and experience in the areas of history, heritage, culture, the arts, sport, commerce, education, science and technology. <More>

This website gives information on what has been taking place from the West Lothian viewpoint.  It also links to Grapevine websites to give a USA based perspective.  Email comments (praise, criticism, suggestions for improvement) to mail@westlothiangrapevine.co.uk.

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Find out About Grapevine

The City of Grapevine is located between Dallas and Fort Worth in the heart of Texas, USA and is the location of the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.  As its name suggests, it is in the centre of a grape producing area. The highlight of their year is the GrapeFest wine festival in the autumn.  <More>

More about West Lothian

West Lothian is situated in the central lowlands of Scotland, between the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.  It is an area rich in history and heritage that has a growing economy. <More>

Constitution, Officers and Committee

The West Lothian/Grapevine Twinning Association is now well established.  Officers and committee members are appointed each year at the AGM.  <More>


      Click here for details of past events and meetings. <More>