Report on the First Annual General Meeting

The first AGM of the West Lothian Grapevine Twinning Asociation was held on 27th May 2008 in West Lothian College.

Chairman's Welcome & Minutes

Chairman Robin Chesters welcomed those present and reviewed the minutes of the inaugural meeting which was held on 7 Febtruary 2008.  A great deal had been achieved in a short time and he thanked everyone for helping to make the Grapevine delegation's visit in April such a success.  Robin then invited the Treasurer to present his interim financial report.

Treasurer's Report & Appointment of Auditor

Treasurer David Tait informed the meeting that the first audited accounts, which will cover the 15 month period from formation until the end of March 2009, will be submitted to the next AGM.  He indicated that the funds currently stood at £3,089.03 with an income to date of £13,566.67 and expenditure to date of £10,487.64.

It was unanimously agreed that West Lothian Council should be asked to audit the accounts for the first 15 months.

Election of Officers and Executive Committee

In accordance with the Constitution, West Lothian Council has appointed six people to serve on the Executive Committee:  Leader of the Council Peter Johnston, Provost Tom Kerr, Depute Provost Jim Dickson, Councillor Martyn Day, Councillor Ellen Glass and Councillor Jim Walker.

Chairman: Robin Chesters
Vice-Chair: David Innes
Secretary: Pauline Connor
Treasurer: David Tait

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee comprises the four Officers, the six Members appointed by West Lothian Council and up to 10 people elected at the AGM or co-opted by the Executive Committee during the year.  The following 6 people were elected at the AGM:

John Aitken, Ronnie Bamberry, Christine Calder, Guy Hunter, Peter Kerr and Mary Shelton.