June 2008 Visit from Grapevine

The Colleyville Heritage High School Panther Marching Band


The Panther Marching Band - Grapevine

About thirty-six members of the marching band and six chaperones will visit West Lothian to perform in June, 2008.

The Panther Marching Band is the largest performing group at Heritage High School. The band performs at all varsity football games, at annual contests and makes guest appearances.

The Panther Band’s outstanding performance has received high ratings in many marching band competitions.

Every part of the band’s participation contains three elements:

Discipline, Pride and Commitment to Excellence.

Whether practicing an instrument, behaving properly on a trip, or wearing a uniform these three elements make the band what it is.  They believe external discipline creates self-discipline.  They take pride in what they do and enjoy it; and they take pride in succeeding and respecting themselves and others.  The band believes that a person’s quality of life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence.

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